•Community Stabilization
•Green Facilities / Low Carbon Footprint
•Sustainable & Enhanced Living Conditions

•Vocational Training Centers

“The only sustainable prosperity is shared prosperity.”    - Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist

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Safe and Stress-Free Neighborhoods
•Local Services for Resident Needs
•Economic and Entrepreneurial Opportunities
•Food Deserts

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 Sustainable Practical Urban Revitalization

The SPUR concept focuses on integrating multiple uses under one roof to the benefit of all occupants. The multi-story energy proficient building combines an indoor hydroponic vertical farming operation with a residential housing component which resolves environmental, housing and socio-economic challenges through maximizing the efficiencies created by integration of the facility design elements. The income created from the sale of the hydroponic produce can be utilized to support the residential and community services provided. 

The combined benefits of the building components provide a sustainable infrastructure that solves multiple challenges facing inner-city rejuvenation efforts. The SPUR Concept has available grant programs for Community Development Corporations, Non-Profits and other 501(c)3s.

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Complex Challenges


SPUR Concept Community Regeneration

The SPUR Concept focuses on changing the current paradigm associated with urban community revitalization through the implementation of innovation, technology, commitment and leadership.

  • Provides stable employment and training to allow citizens to survive and thrive, a more equitable income opportunity.

  • Incorporates new model for business community support of its citizens and neighborhoods.

  • Offers means for citizens to support local supply chain of healthy consumables and services.

  • Delivers urban development that is self-sustainable and minimizes ecological impact from a reduced carbon footprint.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."   - Albert Einstein